19 May 2018



For the past two years my obsession with GOT7 has grown so much that they've become a pretty big part of my life, they've given me so much strength and inspiration to continue to pursue my dreams and through all the struggles of the past 2 years of me leaving my UK life and starting over again in Thailand with no idea how it would work out they've been there with me forever making me smile and giving me hope through their music and their actions. So to show my support to these boys I did some shopping and I'll admit I went a little bit crazy with the GOT7 merchandise whilst I was travelling but no regrets! Kpop merch is pretty hard to get, especially official stuff so I thought I would share all the amazing things I bought whilst I was away.

I split the haul into 2 parts because there was that much stuff and I also wanted to share a couple thoughts about the concerts and events I've been lucky enough to go to as I realised apart from a few Instagram Stories of me fangirling I've never actually talked about them before. This probably won't be the last of my GOT7 hauls and concerts though as they're currently on a World Tour and I'm planning to support them in as many countries as I can so stay tuned for more of my GOT7 adventures as it's not over yet!

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14 May 2018


Seongsu-dong Graffiti Alley

So I'll admit over the past year I've gone through a style evolution and after over a decade I'm wearing jeans again and not just any jeans but skinny jeans! Now this is a big deal for me as I have a huge complex about my legs, they're just so short and wide compared to the rest of my body I never felt comfortable wearing trousers and while yes I still complain about them the fact that I'm here now wearing skinny jeans shows you how much more confident I am in my own skin. Since moving to Thailand my style has become what I like to refer to as "comfortable" so gone are my old kawaii poofy floral dresses as now I'm favouring a more easy sporty style whilst still keeping it kawaii! So when we found this amazing graffiti covered alley, thanks to our Korean drama adventures, I thought it would be the perfect backdrop to document my new street style.

Seongsu-dong Graffiti Alley

One of the things I've noticed through this style evolution is that I have a thing for jackets (and hoodies) and the majority of the time they're what my outfits are centred around because they're such an easy way to dress up and otherwise plain outfit and it also keeps the sun off my skin. This jacket I bought purely because I had seen the forever handsome, always my boi, Jackson Wang wearing it which is probably a stupid reason to buy something but once I tried it on and saw how good it looked on me I was sold, although teenage goth Cate would probably be turning in her grave seeing me wearing Kappa chav fashion but girl don't deny I look good in this jacket!

Seongsu-dong Graffiti Alley

The Kpop fashion influence has well and truly taken a hold of me but I'm loving it and just how comfy and chic it is. My SWAG hat is probably one of my favourite purchases from my travels to as I'd been looking for a new cap to keep the sun out of my eyes and I have a thing for cheesy slogans and I won't deny every time I wear it I do feel kinda SWAG!

What's one item from your closet that always makes you feel good?
Love & SWAG

Outfit Details
♥ SWAG hat - Candy Stripper
♥ Jacket - Charms x Kappa
♥ Jeans - Chuu
♥ Shoes - Taywin

09 May 2018

Laundry Pizza - Gangnam - Seoul

Laundry Pizza & Double Trouble - Gangnam - Seoul

I'm declaring this month Kpop month on Cateaclysmic so I'm going to be sharing a bunch of awesome places I visited in Seoul which relate in some random way to Kpop starting with Laundry Pizza in Gangnam which you may recognise as a lot of groups including GOT7, BTS and many more have done photoshoots here.

Laundry Pizza & Double Trouble - Gangnam - Seoul

One of the things I love about Korea is just how extra they go with the themes of their restaurants and cafes, they're just so aesthetic and it doesn't surprise me at all that so many idols get their photos taken here, it even featured in my boy Henry's I'm Good music video. I just love the bright colours and the laundry theme is just such a unique concept for a restaurant, and of course a great place for taking selfies!

Sadly though I wasn't a fan of the pizza there, I tried both the mac and cheese and margarita and they were pretty mediocre HOWEVER upstairs you can find Double Trouble where they sell all sorts of different types of grilled cheese sandwiches and those are so GOOD, so much better than the pizza and it was only $10 for a grilled cheese sandwich, fries and a drink which was about the same price as one slice of pizza, so I would say skip the pizza and go for the grilled cheese!

Laundry Pizza & Double Trouble - Gangnam - Seoul

Of course whilst I was there I couldn't resist taking a bunch of selfies and trying to recreate some of those iconic shots although I restrained myself from to climbing up on the tables... even though I was kinda tempted. The lighting was kinda awful there though which you can probably see from my super dark grainy photos *sigh* I mean it's kinda amusing the place has such bad lighting considering it's one of those places where people go purely to take photos but at least I got to stand in the same place as my beloved once was and eat off a table which pretty idols had sat on to.

Laundry Pizza & Double Trouble - Gangnam - Seoul

Despite the mediocre pizza I would definitely go back there though because that grilled cheese was amazing and definitely satisfied my cheese cravings, also it's just a really cool place to grab some lunch with friends, chill for an hour or two, live out your Kpop dreams and live out your idol dreams.

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05 May 2018

Fashion Haul from Tokyo, Seoul & Bangkok


I've always loved Asian fashion, there's just something that's so fun and unique about it all, so during my trip to Tokyo, Seoul and Bangkok I just had to pick up a few things. Although I've been living in Thailand for over 2 years now I've mostly avoided buying clothes and just wore what I packed in my suitcase to save not only some money for more travels but luggage room! However a lot of the clothes I have are worn out, no longer fit or are no longer my style so this trip was the perfect chance to get myself a whole new wardrobe and stock up on those essentials, especially now I know I'll be settling down in Thailand for a while.

Whilst in Japan I mostly visited the second hand/vintage stores in Harajuku to find what I wanted as not only are the prices generally cheaper but the clothing is surprisingly good quality compared to a lot of second hand stores you can find in other countries, luckily I managed to find a lot of things I loved for really cheap. In Korea however I focused on the more trendy stores which have been made popular by a lot of idols wearing the brands, but as it was winter at the time I was there and I'm living in the land of forever summer I didn't get too much and found myself picking up most of what I wanted back in Thailand. Overall I'm so happy with all my new clothes and I can't wait to start getting creative with them so hopefully you'll see some outfit posts from me in the future!

What are your favourite fashion styles?
Love & Puppies

01 May 2018



May is a very special month for GOT7 fans especially here in Thailand as not only is tomorrow our boy BamBam's birthday but the World Tour is starting and there will be a 3 night concert happening here in Bangkok next week and YES I'M GOING!! I've mentioned my love for this group multiple times on this blog and if you follow me on Instagram and Twitter you'll know GOT7 is pretty much my life now! So to celebrate I want to give my fellow IGOT7's something special and share the love of KPop because believe me I know the struggle of being an international fan and how hard it is to support your favourite KPop groups let alone see them in concert.

I've been very lucky to find a whole bunch of GOT7 merchandise during my travels (haul coming soon!) and I recently discovered some KPop stores in Bangkok so I thought I would pick up a couple things for you to win and because the World Tour has started I'm going to include some exclusive concert merchandise I picked up when I saw them at Nestival in Chiang Mai and Turn Up in Tokyo.

♥ The Prizes 

GOT7 Thailand Tour 2017 Nestival Folder
GOT7 Thailand Tour 2017 Nestival Stickers
2017 Turn Up GOT7 Japan Tour Postcard
2017 Turn Up GOT7 Japan Tour Final Postcard
2017 Turn Up GOT7 Japan Tour Merchandise List
It's Skin GOT7 Aloe Sheet Mask
It's Skin Jackson Honey Sheet Mask
It's Skin BamBam Postcard
JB Postcard
Mark Clear Card
Ahgabong Lightstick Keychain

So if you want to be in with the chance to win all this amazing merchandise, check out the widget below for details on all the ways you can enter and be sure to stay tuned for even more GOT7 and Kpop fun happening on the blog this month!

Let me know what your favourite GOT7 song is & who's your bias in the comments!
Good Luck

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