19 June 2017

Coffee & Cake Date #3: Yellow Crafts Cafe - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Yellow Crafts Cafe - Chiang Mai - Thailand

One of the reasons I mostly drink my coffee black is because I don't do too well with dairy and most cafes don't offer a milk alternative but Yellow Crafts Cafe uses organic soy beans to make their own fresh soy milk daily. This is a great spot to come to for a morning pick-me-up as the decor is fresh, vibrant and clean, they make each cup of coffee fresh (even grinding the the beans) and there's a small selection of baked goods to or you can enjoy a hearty bowl of grains served with fresh soy milk.

Yellow Crafts Cafe - Chiang Mai - Thailand

I'm not usually a breakfast person, I tend to just grab something quick on my way out or skip the meal entirely but Yellow Crafts Cafe is the prefect breakfast spot and one I would definitely make the effort to visit, there's just something about the mood there that puts you in the right frame of mind for the rest of the day.

Yellow Crafts Cafe - Chiang Mai - Thailand

ฉันไม่ชอบกินนมสดเพราะว่าเวลากินท้องเสียแต่ฉันดีใจเพราะว่าร้านYellow Crafts Cafeใกล้ที่บ้านทำนมซอยสดทุกวัน ฉันชอบมาร้านนี่ตอนช้าวเพราะว่าร้านเเต่งสดใสและน้่งอยู่สบาย ถ้าไม่มีเวลาน้่งเขาขายขวดมนขวดกาแฟให้กลับบ้าน

Love & Lattes

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13 June 2017

Asian Dramas I'm Watching and Loving!

Heavy Rain #1

As much as I try to watch as many different Asian dramas as I can Korean Dramas are definitely taking over my watch lists as they're just so aesthetically pleasing and well made compared to some other dramas being made in Asia and it's no wonder that a lot of countries are remaking them into their own language. Korean Dramas are definitely popular here in Thailand and it seems like a lot of the K-Drama stars are taking over as I can't seem to walk 5 minutes without seeing Lee Min Ho or Song Joong-ki advertising the latest phone or beauty product.

마담 앙트완
Ko Hye-Rim is a fortune teller who claims she can hear the voice of Marie Antoinette but in reality she's just an ordinary woman searching for true love with a keen sense of intuition that knows how to read people, when Choi Soo-Hyun, a world renowned psychologist who's goal is to prove that true love doesn't exist, moves into the office above Ko Hye-Rim's coffee shop they find themselves working together (although begrudgingly at first) to help solve people's problems. I really enjoyed this drama, I loved the characters and seeing all their relationships develop and I also really enjoyed the side plots of them trying to source people's problems and solving them as both the leads had very different methods and goals, it's a really funny drama to so definitely check it out.

별에서 온 그대
Doo Min-Joon is an alien who has been stranded on Earth for 400 years meets popular actress Cheon Song-Yi who he believes saved him in a past life, as he tries to find out the truth about who she is the two become close and fall in love. After watching Goblin and Legend of the Blue Sea this drama came highly recommended to me as it follows a similar storyline of finding past love with mystical beings, the drama also shares some of the same cast and after Legend of the Blue Sea I am such a fan of Jun Ji-Hyun! I have to admit I didn't really like the male lead in this I found him quite flat and boring and I know this is probably how the character is supposed to be as he's a 400 year old alien with little sense of humour who's avoided connection with people for fear of revealing his true identity but compared to the amazing Jun Ji-Hyun he just kinda fades into the background but towards the end of the drama I did warm up to him and I really enjoyed watching it maybe not as much as Goblin or Legend of the Blue Sea but it's still worth a watch if only for Jun Ji-Hyun, have I mentioned enough already how much I love her?

CLAMP's xxxHolic is one of my favourite ever anime/manga series and I had absolutely no idea they had made a live action version of it and stumbled upon this completely by accident. If you're familiar with CLAMP you'll how how beautiful and enchanting their artwork is and this drama brings life to that aesthetic, even the soundtrack works perfectly to add to that dreamy supernatural vibe. Ghost stories have always been my favourite and with most of the dramas I've been watching lately being romance or crime based this made a refreshing change even though I've watched the anime countless times! This drama felt a lot darker in tone than the anime, it lacked a lot of the humour of the original as well as my two favourite kawaii characters Mokona and The Pipe Fox but I still felt it was a very good adaptation and it's one I'd happily watch again and again.

태양의 후예
I have heard so much about this drama that I thought it was finally time to give it a watch, without going to much into the plot it's basically a romance story between a doctors and soldiers but it's so much more than that to and deals with themes of patriotism, duty, forgiveness and sacrifice. This was such a beautiful drama and a beautiful story I really loved all the characters and how selfless they were and I also loved the humour in the series as it worked well to lighten the mood between those heartbreaking and serious moments. I can definitely see why it was so popular, Korea knows how to make dramas!

Todo Shinichi finds his idyllic life in turmoil after a man bearing the same name as him is arrested and he's accused of identity fraud, as the story unfolds Shinichi realises that there may be something more sinister behind what he thought was a simple system error as he seeks to regain his stolen identity. Although this drama was only released last year it feels like it was made a while ago, maybe it's because Tatsuya Fujiwara is the main star and he's barely aged since staring in the Battle Royale and Death Note movies, seriously what's your secret dude? But aesthetics aside this drama was actually quite interesting and it was almost scary to see how not being a part of "the system" can affect your whole life through even the smallest ways.

Love & Sakura

07 June 2017

A Quick Visit to Hong Kong Disneyland

I only had a couple days stopover in Hong Kong before my visit to Seoul, South Korea and although I had visited Hong Kong once before many, many years ago one of the things I wanted to do the most but didn't get to do was see Disneyland so I made it a priority to finally visit there this time. It's one of my life goals to visit every Disney theme park in the world and I'm not doing too badly so far with Paris, California, Tokyo and now Hong Kong crossed off the list.

Hong Kong is probably the smallest Disney Park I've visited but it didn't make it any less awesome and I loved seeing what exclusive items and rides they had there, although it was a rainy day I still managed to have lots of fun and I loved seeing Toy Story Land and the Mystic Manor which is their own special "Chinese" take on the Haunted Mansion. Unfortunately though as I was there on a quiet day in the off-season I couldn't find much in the way of food, I really wanted some of the Disney themed dim-sum I'd seen pictures of online but I couldn't find them anywhere but I still managed to get myself some Chinese egg tarts and an Iron Man waffle so my cute food cravings were somewhat satisfied.

Of course I couldn't help but buy a bunch of souvenirs while I was at Disneyland so here's a video of me showing some of the things I bought including an exclusive Hong Kong Disneyland Lucky bag which I had no idea what was inside but *spoiler alert* I LOVED EVERYTHING!!!

Hong Kong is just a few hours flight away from Thailand so I'm pretty sure I'll be back one day soon to explore more of the city and eat all the delicious dim sum so look out for more adventures soon!

What is your favourite Disney Park & which one would you love to visit?
Love & Lightsabers

31 May 2017

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (May 2017)


May has been such a crazy month, I finished my first year studying Thai then took a trip to Hong Kong and Seoul and now I'm back in Thailand looking forward to my first Kpop concert and a visit from my UK friend so many fun times ahead. I'll hopefully have a few blog posts about my trip up soon so stay tuned for that but in the meantime be sure to enjoy this months links.

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Love & Strawberry Sundaes

26 May 2017

5 Fandom Friday: 5 TV Shows I Would Un-Cancel

Welcome to another Fandom FriYAY! Sorry it's been a while since my last one (almost 2 months) but life has been crazy, anyway this week we're talking about TV shows we loved that were unfortunately cancelled which is a subject very close to my heart as a fangirl as I feel this is constantly happening to shows that I love and it breaks my nerdy heart. If you want to find out more about Fandom Friday then check out the Geek Girl Bloggers community and founder The Nerdy Girlie's blog and join in!

I think Angel was the first TV Show I really got upset about them cancelling. Like many others I absolutely adored Buffy but I think I loved watching Angel more and I felt there were just so many more stories for them to tell and I loved the dynamic of the team with some of my favourite characters from Buffy like Cordelia, Wesley and Spike and the new characters of Lorne, Gun and Fred. I would have loved to see at least one more season of the show to wrap things up, Buffy I think got an ending that everyone was satisfied that felt like an ending but the finale of Angel felt way too random and rushed.

Hannibal was such a beautiful show with a perfect cast that just conveyed mood and atmosphere so perfectly, I almost felt like I fell into a trace while watching it it immersed me so much. There is just no other show on TV like this and I would have absolutely loved to see it grow and develop and new characters like Clarice be introduced but unfortunately it's lifespan was cut short. I'm still super salty about this as it had such a dedicated fanbase and following to but I guess it's the curse of Bryan Fuller... please don't let American Gods get cut short to!

Almost Human
I mentioned Almost Human in my last post but it deserves another mention in this post because it's another show that got cut after just one season which I loved. This was essentially a sci-fi buddy cop show and I normally don't enjoy cop shows but this one had an amazing cast, Karl Urban was just so perfectly cast and had so much humour and rapport with his droid companion, there was enough sci-fi and mystery to keep me entertained and wanting more and I really wish it would have had another season.

WHY was this show cancelled after just one season? I have been a fan of the Hellblazer comics for the longest time and Justice League Dark is one of my newer favourite comic book series to so I had so much anticipation for this series. I did like the Keanu Reeves movie but he just didn't give me those Constantine feels but Matt Ryan definitely did and played the role so perfectly so much so he had a small guest role on Arrow and even Guillermo Del Toro was considering casting him for the Justice League Dark movie which he's unfortunately not working on anymore (WTF DC!?) I think given the chance he would have really grown so much into the role and I'm still hoping the CW will pick up the show but I guess they already have that genre covered with Supernatural...

Agent Carter
I'm honestly so heartbroken that I'll never get to see Peggy Carter ever again in the MCU, not only was Peggy such an amazing character strong, funny, feminine, witty, smart, etc. but Hayley Atwell was in real life to. I enjoyed this series so much and I felt like it was something that was definitely needed in this male dominated superhero world and I was really looking forward to seeing the development of S.H.I.E.L.D. between Peggy and Howard Stark (also shoutout to Jarvis who I loved to!) but unfortunately it looks like this will never happen... Marvel please bring back Agent Carter I miss her so much!

What shows do you miss watching on TV?
Love & Strawberry Tea

25 May 2017

Coffee & Cake Date #2: No. 39 Cafe - Chiang Mai - Thailand

No.39 Cafe - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Just a short distance away from Wat Umong is this beautiful hidden gem of a cafe called No. 39 Cafe, I enjoy many a weekend here just enjoying the surrounding nature and the calm atmosphere. The cafe is popular amongst students here as it's near to university and it can get quite busy at the weekends with everyone determined to take those perfect Instagram shots and they occasionally have live bands playing but on a weekday you can often find yourself being the only person there.

No.39 Cafe - Chiang Mai - Thailand

The cakes here are really good, believe me I've tried them all, but if you're not a fan of cakes they have a burger bar you can order from to. I like coming here for coffee because they have more than one type depending on if you like it strong, bitter or sour, they also have a wide selection of teas and sodas to if you don't fancy coffee.

No.39 Cafe - Chiang Mai - Thailand

ร้านนีชื่อ No.39 Cafe อย่ใกลวัดอุโมงค์ ฉันชอบไปร้านนี่ทุกเสาร์อาทิตย์เพราะว่าธรรมาชาติสวยและอารมณ์สงบ นักเรียนชอบมาเพราะว่าอยู่ใกลมหาวิทยาลัย เสาร์อาทิตย์มีนักเรียนเยอะชอบถ่ายรูปให้IG บางครั้งมีคนมาร้องเพลงด้วย แต่วันธรรมดาเงียบดี เค้กที่ร้านมี้อร่อยที่สุด ฉันชิมทั้งหมด แต่ไม่เอาเค้กร้านมีเบอร์เกอร์สั่งด้วย ฉันชอบไปร้านนี่เพราะว่านักชงกาแฟถามว่าเอากาแฟแบบขมหรือเปรี้ยว ถ้าไม่ชอบกาแฟมีหลายเครื่องดื่มสั่งด้วย

What are your favourite coffee shops to relax in?
Love & Iced Coffee

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16 May 2017

How To Open An Etsy Shop For FREE!

♥ dollhouse bears

Etsy is one of my absolute favourite websites for buying and selling one of a kind handmade goods from artists and creatives, if I ever want to buy something special for myself or a loved one it's the first place I head to. I've been using Etsy to sell my handmade crafts and jewellery for many years and although I'm currently taking a break one of the most popular questions I get asked is how to sell on Etsy so for those of you who want to create an additional income, share your talents or grow it into a business this is how you can test it out for free.

The link above will allow you to open a shop and earn yourself 40 free listings as it normally costs $0.20 to list each item on Etsy and each listings only lasts for 4 months this way you'll only be charged a 3.5% fee if the item sells so this is a great way to test out the website and see if it works for you without investing too much money and if you do use the link above it will give me 40 free listings to and although my shop is currently closed because I'm busy studying in Thailand should I decided to re-open in the distant future this will be a great help to me, so it's helpful all round!

Do you have an Etsy Shop? Link it in the comments and let me know if you open one!
Love & Lemonade

10 May 2017

Anime Series I'm Watching & Loving!

Cat program

A new anime season has started but I'm still trying to catch up on previous seasons in fact I've been such a bad nerd lately I don't even know what the new releases even are apart from the long awaited Attack on Titan season 2 and before you ask nope I've not seen any of it yet! I feel like my watch list has been quite varied lately which is good because I get a bit tired of watching the same things all the time so I hopefully this post will have an anime to suit all tastes.

High school student Naho receives a mysterious letter written by herself 10 years into the future and although she's sceptical at first once she sees events unfolding as detailed in the letter she starts to believe it's genuine, now the younger Naho has a chance to undo all her past regrets and hopefully create a happier future for herself and her friends. I really love the concept of this anime and prior to watching it I had heard so many good things about it and I even bought the manga series which I've yet to read but definitely will soon. I liked this anime so much I ended up watching the whole series in one go so it's definitely worth the hype! The story is simple to follow and executed very well and the animation is really beautiful I mean the scenery is so beautifully drawn you can almost smell the fresh flowers. Orange is such a sweet yet heartbreaking anime which makes you reflect on your own past and what you would do if you had the chance to undo your past regrets, a question I often ponder myself.

逆転裁判 その『真実』、異議あり!
I'm a big fan of the Ace Attorney games so I was super excited when I heard about the anime. The anime pretty much follows the same cases you play in the game but without the gameplay element so you're basically just watching the case unfold without the interactive element. Those familiar with the game (or movie) may find this anime a bit boring because you know exactly what is going to happen but despite this I really enjoyed the anime and one of my favourite episodes was seeing the relationship between Phoenix, Edgeworth and Larry when they were kids, I thought it was really sweet. If you're a fan of the detective genre or the game then definitely check this out.

Set during the prohibition era in America this anime follows the story of Angelo Lagusa and his quest to seek vengeance against the Mafia boss that killed his family. I've always been a big fan of the Mafia genre so this anime interested me from the start, it's set over 91 days (hence the name) although the anime is only 12 episodes long. I really enjoyed the aesthetics the anime has a kinda sepia tone to it representing the time period and the music matched the mood to, the storyline itself is pretty stereotypical to that of most mafia movies but it was still interesting to see the story unfold and I felt it was quite different to a lot of the other anime I had watched recently and a lot more adult and darker in tone without being excessively violent or gory.

Quindecim is a bar that patrons visit upon their death to be judged whether their souls will be reincarnated or sent to the void, here they will play a game which will eventually reveal their memories and true nature in order to find out their fate. This anime was so interesting each episode follows a different set of people and the eventual reveal of their fate but things aren't so black and white and sometimes even the arbiters of the afterlife question their final decisions. Death Parade is a show about morality and human nature at its core, it's not simply about being bad or good person as we find most the people here are a mixture of both and by questioning the lives of the patrons and their actions in that moment of desperation we also question ourselves and how we would act in a given situation and what fate it would bring us.

Kaizaki Arata is a 27 year old NEET who one drunken night meets a guy who offers him a pill which will give him the appearance of a 17 year old and invites him to join in on an experiment where he will have to attend high-school again for one year, Kaizaki takes the pill and the next day starts high school again where he finds things are not as easy as he originally thought. This anime is a lot more light-hearted than Orange and had many humorous moments, I found myself relating to Kaizaki quite a bit especially as I'm studying again and living in an area of predominately young students which can be both invigorating and exhausting.

What anime series have you been watching lately?
Love & Lemons

30 April 2017

Things That Make You Go Oooooo (April 2017)

Cambodia - Angkor Wat - 140b

April has been such a crazy month for me! I celebrated Thai New Year with the family in Bangkok and I'm just about to finish my first year studying Thai and because I've enjoyed it so much I'm hoping I've learnt enough to be able to advance to the next stage and continue my studies. In other exciting news I'll be taking a little break from Thailand so be sure to keep an eye on my Instagram if you want to know where I'll be travelling to, I'm SUPER excited about it and I can't wait to share everything I get up to on my adventures.

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Love & Strawberries

25 April 2017

How to Deal with Loneliness and Long Distance Relationships

cupcakes for Laura

Loneliness and long distance relationships can be hard on the heart even with the internet being able to connect us to loved ones all over the world at the click of a button the distance and lack of physical contact can sometimes make us feel lonelier than ever. Being a "halfie" (Thai/British) I've always been half a world away from the people I care about and although I'm kinda used to it I still get moments of loneliness but over the years I've found it much easier to deal with so here are a few ways I deal with those long distance relationships.

Now we have the internet and smartphones we can be connected to our loved ones at any given moment be it through social media, Skype, WhatsApp, Line, Kakao Talk etc. I talk to my friends and family almost every day and I love it because there was a time I'd go months without talking to anyone but now I can see their faces whenever I want via video chat and we can send each other all sorts of silly memes and selfies to cheer each other up.

♥ooooh pinky cloud, i love you ana♥
Care Packages
I love treating my friends and family and who doesn't love getting presents? Care packages and letters are a sweet way to keep in touch with loved ones and show them you're thinking about them and receiving them can make you feel even better. Care packages can also be a reminder of home if you're living abroad or even a glimpse into life in another country if your loved ones are living far away.

Solo Dates
Learning to enjoy your own company is one of the best things you can do for yourself and one of the things I like to do if I'm feeling down is take myself out to a cute coffee shop and treat myself. It might sound strange especially when you're surrounded by couples but spending time alone with a good book or some music and just watching the world go by can be a great mood booster especially if there's cake, cake always helps!

Physical activity can boost endorphins therefore giving you an instant mood booster so it's a good thing to do for yourself and of course you want to stay healthy for the next time you see your loved ones so taking up some sort of sport can be beneficial all round, staying in bed and moping does no good for anyone so get up, get out there and do something!

Love & Cuddles

18 April 2017

Coffee & Cake Date #1: Cheevit Cheeva - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Cheevit Cheeva - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Whenever I'm feeling a bit restless or down I go out and treat myself to coffee and cake at one of the many amazing cafes here in Thailand. Chiang Mai is heaven for coffee lovers, not only are there many coffee shops and stalls, they even grow coffee here so you can be sure you're getting the freshest cup there is!

Cheevit Cheeva - Chiang Mai - Thailand

Today I visited a cafe called Cheevit Cheeva which is popular because of its calming atmosphere (it's right next to a spa) and its desserts. I heard the Bingsu is really good here but it was way too big for me to eat alone so I opted for a slice of the red velvet cake instead which came garnished with dried cranberries and gave a nice tartness to the sweetness of the cake. I got myself an iced Americano which had a subtle sweetness to it despite the fact it contained no sugar and they added a slice of orange to it to which is something I've never seen before but luckily I'm a fan of orange flavoured things so it added a tasty interesting touch.

Cheevit Cheeva - Chiang Mai - Thailand

วันนี้ไปร้านชื่อชีวิตชีวา คนชอบไปเที่ยวร้านมี้เพราะว่าติดกับสปาแล้วมีอารมณ์ดีและขนมอร่อยมากๆ ฉันได้ยินว่าบิงซูที่ร้านมี้อร่อยที่สุดแต่ฉันไม่เคยกินเพราะว่าบิงซูใหญ่เกินไปกินคนเดียว กินเค้กดีกว่า เค้กนี้หวานแต่ใส่ลูกแครนเบอร์รี่เปรี้ยวนิดๆ สั่งอเมริกาโน่มาไม่ใส่นำ้ตาลแต่หวานน้อย มีชิ้นส้มด้วย ฉันไม่เคยเห็นกาแฟแบบนี้แต่ฉันชอบรสส้ม รสนี้น่าสนใจและอร่อยด้วย

 What's your favourite coffee and cake combo?
Love & Cookies

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12 April 2017

Asian Dramas I'm Watching and Loving!

Best Friends

Time again to share with you some of the Asian dramas I've been watching and loving lately. I have to say I've been watching some really good ones lately especially from Korea and I've almost entirely abandoned some of the western series I used to watch! So if you're looking for a break away from the usually TV schedule here are just a few Asian series for you to check out...

เสิร์ฟรักล้นใจให้ยัยตัวแสบ & ทฤษฎีป่วนหัวใจให้ปิ๊งรัก
U-Prince is making the list again and this time I'm recommending two series as they're only four episodes each, The Badass Baker AKA Dash and The Absolute Economist AKA Teddy, I will admit T-Rex is still my fave "prince" and probably will always be but these two boys are just as handsome and sweet but what I liked most about these two more than the previous U-Prince series I've watched is the female leads who we're just as funny and charming as the boys, they were actual fully formed characters in themselves with their own stories and problems rather than just a romantic plot device for the male lead in fact I think I actually preferred watching Chompink more than Teddy!

This is a Taiwanese drama about a boy who is lost in the mountains and raised by wolves who then falls in love with a girl and tries to adjust to life back in the human world. Pretty much as soon as I saw wolf in the title I knew I had to watch it even though the wolves are big, cuddly, adorable Malamutes but they're one of my favourite dogs so I won't complain. The lead actors of this series are so cute and I really found myself rooting for them and their families to, everyone was just so incredibly sweet in this drama it left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

Goblin definitely filled the hole that Legend of the Blue Sea left when it finished although both aired in Korea at the same time this drama became the second most highest rated drama in Korean TV history and it totally deserves it to! Goblin is about an immortal Goblin who lives with a Grim Reaper and falls in love with a girl who can see Ghosts, I don't want to go into the plot too much because y'all need to watch this because it's just so beautiful in every way. I loved these characters so much and seeing the mythology and history of their past lives and how it affected their present and future lives (much like Legend of the Blue Sea) was so interesting to watch, there were so many cute, funny moments but then as with most KDramas you get hit like a truck in the feels so make sure you have some tissues when you watch this.

This slice of life drama set in an old fashioned sweet shop in Japan is really heartwarming. The drama centers around Taro who lives with his grandmother who owns a sweet shop and spends most of his days hanging out with his neighbourhood friends thinking about the future and reminiscing about their childhood days. Although the drama isn't especially exciting and there's not much action (each episode is only 20 minutes long) it really filled me with a sense of nostalgia probably because I'm at the same stage in life as these characters where I'm am adult and have to deal with adult life but want to keep a sense of my childhood despite the harsh realities of the world. This is one of those dramas that's just nice to kick back and relax to after a stressful day because it's such an easy watch and although there are some very strange and sad moments it does leave you with a sense of hope.

Doctor Oh Yeon-Joo's father mysteriously goes missing after completing the latest chapter of his webtoon and while searching his office for clues Oh Yeon-Joo get's dragged into the world of the webtoon by it's dying main character Kang Cheol in order to save him. THIS drama is AMAZING the plot is really unique compared to most other Asian dramas, yes it's romance but there's a lot of mystery and supernatural elements to which I really loved and it's done in such a interesting, stylish way. I have never binge watched a series so quickly it sucked me in right from the start (pun intended) and is definitely one of the best Asian dramas I've ever watched.

Love & Ice Coffee

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